DanceFit COVID-19 Policies

Your safety is our top priority

We will begin offering indoor classes on May 29, 2021. We want to cater to everyone's individual needs & comfortability but will also strictly enforce safety measures to ensure the collective wellbeing. We will announce our safety guidelines and restrictions shortly. 

Indoor Guidelines

Our staff cleaning procedures will include:

  • Sanitizing all high touch areas before and after class.

  • Thoroughly sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the entire studio and air vents daily.

  • Setting up, sanitizing, and putting away all client workout stations before and after class.

  • Keeping front door open to allow for adequate ventilation throughout the duration of class.

Under no circumstances will fans be used.

Studio Policies

Temporary Maximum Capacity = 5 people (including staff)

  • Do not enter if you have or have had any cold or COVID-19 symptoms within the past 14 days.

  • Do not enter if you have been around anyone you know has had COVID-19 within the past 14 days.

  • Without showing proof of vaccination, you must wear a fully covered mask (no mesh, gaiter, valved, vented, or just face shield and nothing else) over your mouth AND nose.

  • Once inside, stand and wait on the rug. A staff member will:

    • Check your temperature

    • Administer hand sanitizer

    • Sanitize the bottoms of your shoes

  • Remain 3 ft from everyone inside at all times


By entering the building, you agree to our COVID-19 Liability Waiver.

See our FAQs page for answers to common questions.